A mental health therapy clinic and training centre

Grove Centre’s mission is to support children and families within home, school and community environments by providing therapy, counselling and skills-training services to children, adolescents, parents, and families; and training, supervision, and consultation services to mental health and school professionals.

Sessions offered in-office (with protocols) or by telehealth (with Zoom Pro).

Chris Conley

Meet Christopher Conley


Christopher is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Registered Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Play Therapist Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, Filial Therapy Instructor and Approved Provider of Child and Play Therapy Continuing Education.

Christopher has over twenty-five years’ experience providing individual therapy and counselling with children and adolescents, family therapy, play therapy, filial therapy, and parent education, promoting the involvement of all family members in the therapeutic process.

Christopher also provides supervision, training and consultation services to mental health professionals and school professionals. He has written articles and has conducted numerous training workshops and presentations across Canada and in Minnesota on child and play therapy, filial therapy, parent education and school classroom management.

Our Services

Grove Centre has services for families, mental health professionals and school professionals.

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Services for Families

Mental health therapy, counselling, and skills training services for children, adolescents, parents and families including individual therapy with children and adolescents, parent education and skills training, family therapy, filial therapy (parent-child relationship), play therapy, and consultation, advocacy and collaboration with community members. He works with children 18 months to 18 years old.

He is known for his intensive integrative therapeutic approach that addresses serious child and family issues and often facilitates faster child and family change and longer maintenance of change over time. This approach often integrates child therapy, attachment-based strategic parent education, family therapy, and at times filial therapy.

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Services for Mental Health Professionals

Training for mental health professionals on child therapy, play therapy, filial therapy (attachment/parent-child), and family therapy.

Supervision for mental health professionals. In-person individual and group supervision and distance individual supervision.

Consultation services to mental health therapists and other mental health professionals and organizations on clinical work, programs and playroom design.

New in-person trainings coming in spring and fall, 2024:
Intensive Child-Centered Play Therapy and Intensive Filial Therapy.

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Services for School Professionals

Training workshops for teachers, education assistants, and school administrators on classroom management.

Consultation services to teachers, education assistants, and school administrators for interventions to address student issues, classroom management and individualized education plans.

He is known for his relational strategic classroom management approach that focusses on enhancing the teacher-student relationship for preventing and effectively responding to classroom behaviour issues.

Upcoming Therapeutic Groups for Families

Grove Centre offers therapeutic groups for families. 

New mothers and their baby

Attachment-Based Strategic Parenting Group for Parents

Christopher will be providing a low-cost parenting group for parents. It will be focussed on assisting parents with learning new responses to child and adolescent issues that will result in increased child compliance, reduced parenting stress and closer parent child relationship. It will stress the importance of developing a close parent-child relationship as a prevention to serious issues. It will also provide specific and strategic parent responses to deal with child behaviour problems.

Mother consoling upset teenage son

Support Group for Children Coping with Parental Addiction

Christopher will be providing a low-cost children’s group for children ages 5 – 12 years old coping with parental active addiction. This Group is modelled on the Children are People Too Support Groups in Minnesota and across the USA developed by Rokelle Lerner. It is a psychosocial and educational 8-week group program to assist children to cope with familial substance abuse and addiction and to develop protective factors to reduce the risk of the children themselves developing problems with drugs and alcohol when they are older.

Upcoming Trainings for Professionals

Grove Centre and Christopher Conley have the following upcoming trainings for mental health professionals.

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Intensive Child-Centered Play Therapy Training

Length: 3 Days
Instructor: Christopher Conley
Grove Centre
Grove Centre, In-Person, Burnaby, BC
Dates: August 14-16, 2023

Father and disabled son playing on floor

Intensive Filial Therapy Training

Length: 4 Days
Instructor: Christopher Conley
Sponsor: Grove Centre
Location: Grove Centre, In-Person, Burnaby, BC
Dates: August 19-22, 2023
Prerequisite: Training in Child-Centered Play Therapy

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Non-Directive Play Therapy Training

for cdn assoc for
play therapy (CAPT)

Length: 2 Days
Instructor: Christopher Conley
Sponsor: Cdn Assoc for Play Therapy
Location: Live Online
Dates: 2024 to be announced